Larry’s Treasure Trail – A Ghostly Hunt in the Dark

Larry was dead.

But that didn’t stop him from harassing Last Bookstore staff. Most ghosts are scary; Larry was just annoying.

Nevertheless, and for reasons I do not understand, Larry loved the book club folks.

Long story short, he hid some “treasures” for them, and I agreed to help run his goofy little treasure hunt, if he promised to leave us alone. (I did. He didn’t.)

Here are his game instructions. (If it’s not clear, he’s been dead since the early 70s.)

“Far out, man – I’m Larry the Ghost and welcome to my Treasure Trail! 

You’re gonna find this stash o’ groovy goods, and in so doing, stick it right to the man! 

A couple rules: 

1. Go down there and find those things! And don’t get all hung up on searching through individual books, man. That’s not my scene!  You’ll know a thing is right when you find it – just like in life, dig? 

2. You gotta work together man! Maybe you gotta go off and find a thing yourself, but if you’re getting jammed up – communicate!  You’re a team! Just like in life! 

3. If you’re in a rut, man, just text me a text at  1-818-415-5108. That’s a valley number, but I’m right here, just invisible, cuz I’m a ghost. Whatever you do – don’t bother asking Larkin any questions – he’s not very happening, dig? 

4. Lastly, you’ll get to a point where you can’t move forward if you don’t use your LIGHT — it’s just like life, man — so don’t forget to use your light! Right on!

That’s it! Follow my treasure trail – ha ha – for a gooood time!”

At least he’s still dead.

The fun part of this adventure was poking around thru the cavernous space of the store with tiny flashlights.

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