Nostromo Adventure Playset

Because deadly space exploration isn’t just for adults anymore.

A Challenge: Make a toy and its packaging.
My Solution: Make two dangerous toys with diegetic packaging.

Stuck at Grandma’s all weekend?

Pop on the Xenomorph head; let Cousin Jenny play Ripley. Throw Fifi in our Jonesy the Cat carrier, turn out the lights, and may the best 10 year old win!

This all-parts-included playset contains:

Functional incinerator, inspired by the one used by Lt. Ellen Ripley, with three butane cartridge refills – and instructions on how to make more from easily obtainable travel-size hairsprays

Xenomorph head, with powerful, retracting, jaw-punching action

Packaging that doubles as Jonesy the Cat’s carrier – the perfect size for any cat or small dog

(Eye protection not included)

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