Alice’s not-so-scary Adventures in Wonderland

I was asked to do two things for this fun Halloween event at Waverly School in Pasadena: make lily pads that ribbit when you step on them, and make moving/singing flowers.

My lily pads ribbited reliably all night. They also burped and farted. (Don’t worry: no farting in these videos.)

The flowers did indeed move, following guests as they walked by, and sang – but were drowned out by ambient noise from other parts of the maze. Also, the movement of the flowers was muted by the shoulders of parents – well, duh, right? – I’d only thought about the kids. Also, you can hear those cursed servos when the flowers move. I am ashamed to admit that I assumed they’d be drowned out by ambient noise.

It’s that play-testing thing. Gotta do it.

Workin’ it out.

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