The Outpost on Danforth IX

Just one of many research bases vetting alien environments for human settlement. Pretty uneventful. So far.

A Challenge: Turn a pile of found materials into a space.

With mostly styrofoam packaging, I imagined a number of places I’d love to visit: a forbidden temple, an abandoned mall, a sky-farming operation, a lost civilization – all of which showed promise. Ultimately, however, I couldn’t resist a look forward and outward, into the unknown.

A Solution: Use those found materials to move into the future, out into Space.

The Outpost on Danforth IX, christened by its crew ‘Las Vegas Nueva’, is a forward research base hundreds of light years from Earth. What – or whom – might they encounter as they seek a foothold for human life?

Conceptualizing included modeling, sketching, overlays, and image boards.

I found the Outpost concept most compelling, reaching forward, towards a better, more ambitious future. I developed the look of the place asking questions: What is the environment of Danforth IX? What would these explorers need? What would life be like so far from Earth?

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